B-Cut saw blades with Quick-Fit

Our proven quality saw blades for the oscillating machines are now also available with our Quick fixtures. With our Quick adapter you do not go wrong, because it fits the standard Starlock versions (such as Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max). They are also compatible with many other machines that have a multi-function fit.


Welcome to our completely redesigned website.
We are based in Connecticut. We are a growing company within United States of America.
CORAM TOOLS GMBH Switzerland exist Since 1997 we expanded our Company within the USA. In 2014 We started to build our US branch in the United States of America.

The History of CORAM TOOLS is also the history of our oscillating saw blades.
Marco Steiger invented & developed the B-Cut saw blades for oscillating multifunction power tools in 1997.
Our Oscillating blades are extremely strong and have the best swiss quality. we use only quality materials.
We Test and develop our blades to ensure that high quality standards are maintained.
The beaver represents high quality and precise and fast cuts.
We constantly check quality with our quality assurance procedures in our testing and development laboratory.
We see all our products as top of the line for professionals and dealers who share these values with us.
So, if you are looking for an amazing product and want to grow your business, we would be happy to hear from you. Together we can grow.

In particular, our new website is aimed at the end users of our products, but dealers will find on our website important and interesting information about our oscillating saw blades, oscillating multi-tools (omt tools) and other products.

We will try to keep our website compact and with a clear structure, so you can find all the information you need as quickly as possible. If you should not find an information, or we have not yet made it available, feel free to contact us.

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